Monday, April 16, 2007

Camp Part 2

Does anyone know why blogger picks and chooses which photos you can click on? My friend Jean emailed me about the pictures on the last post. You can't click on them to make them bigger, so I went back a few posts to ones I could click on, and it seems that there are some that can be made larger, but most can't. Any ideas? I've uploaded each photo separately today and I think they are all clickable. I will go back and redo the last post as well. (I need to work on the settings of my camera and not be afraid of using the flash!!)

Ok, on to camp stuff. Camp was set up so there were 4 tribes. Rhode Island Reds, Cluckers, Chick-a-biddys and the Dixie Chicks. Each tribe was able to attend all four classes, and the rest of us could sit in if we wanted to. I wasn't able to sit in on Cat's, Tina's or Stephanie's, but I did help with the charity knitting circle. It would have been great to do all of them, but I had fun just the same!!

The sockateers ran the winding station, while Cass and I minded the store and did other little things here and there.

Cookie and Nathania had this great charity knitting project. The sockateers and myself helped with it on Friday. You start out with 8 blocks that are 20 stitches wide and 8 inches tall. Sew them together and pick up stitches along the 4 sides, using four circular needles. Then knitting from 4 balls of yarn, you knit in the roung until the blanket is as large as you want it. Two of the knitters will do yo's at the corners, and the other two will just knit all the way around. Stariel has a photo of me in the group on one of the days. It's her April 11th post and I am sitting profile. Chappy is on my right, Nathania on my left, and Stariel across from me. She also has some other great photos.

Some of the things I received while at camp. A staff t-shirt (with camp name on the back), name tag, goodie bag with yarn and stitch markers (that I made for camp)

Oh and a bandana that one of the sockateers made just for the staff. I wore it around my neck.

That evening we enjoyed the chicken antics. Our homework assignment that needed to be done before camp, was to knit up a chicken. I thought mine was hoakey, but my recipient is enjoying it. The one I received was from one of the sockateers. We had a swap for the chickens. Actually it was kind of a game with a story that had left and right sprinkled through out it. When we heard the left, we would pass out bagged up chicken to the left and so forth. It was great fun.

This is the one that came home with me.

This one went home with Linda.

And Linda and me.


Cece said...

Yippeeeee for Sock Camp!!!

Lisa K. said...

I love all of your charity knitting photos. It was one of the best partsof sock camp - that and getting to know you and everyone else a little bit better.

Tina said...

Tammy I love the picture of you and Linda!! Thanks for all of your help and for just being there.

Roxie said...

(whining)I want to go to camp next year. You make it sound sooooo fun! How do I sign up?

emy said...

The Camp looks really fun!

Mrs BJ said...

What a fun idea for a blanket! Oh, and by the way. My sister's new husband has never seen The Princess Bride. Can you believe it?

Frieda said...

I love all of your pictures. I hope to have my blog updated soon. I have been a little(hehe) under the weather. It was so great to meet you and I have great memories of camp.

Deb in Atlanta said...


I appears as if you guys had a good time at camp. I wish I could have been there! Hopefully, I'll see you sometime in 2007!!!!

Craftybernie said...

That sounds like a lotta fun!

I love the charity blanket knit by 4 people. I wish we had camps like this over here! Harumph. I guess that's my luck out for living on a tiny island!!!

I checked out Stariel's photos of the camp too. You're extremely lucky to be part of such a great knitting community!

Best wishes..Bernie

Alice in the Heartland said...

A very belated Howdy from Iowa! I had a blast at camp and it was great getting to know everyone. Looking forward to next year. Thank Stephanie for posting the link to your blog. That's how come I'm here now. Happy Knitting, Alice

Tammy said...

HI ALICE!! I am so glad you found me through Stephanie's blog.