Sunday, April 15, 2007

Camp Cockamamie Part 1

Story time. Gather round. You'll have to return because it is a long story.
(I need to work on the settings of my camera and not be afraid of using the flash!!)

Monday morning we set out at 6:30? am to drive to Anacortes to board the noon ferry for Orcas Island. I went along with Tina and Kaci. We wanted to be there the day before to set up and be ready for the campers to arrive on Tuesday. It was a long drive, but we made it with time to spare, and got partially set up. Tuesday morning we woke to this view. Rosario Resort and the Moran Mansion.

We got set up and waited for the campers, saw a seaplane fly off, we never heard it come in though, registered one camper and waited some more. (She had come in on the seaplane) Cass showed up and helped me with signing campers in. Tina and Kaci had met Cass several years ago I think, and invited her to help with camp. It was great, I would have been lost without Cass this last week.

Later that evening there was a welcome and dessert reception in the music room of the mansion.

I know that the blue shirt above is Nathania. The baseball cap to the left is Alice. I recognize some of the faces, but don't remember a lot of the names. It was bad to not remember the names.

This blue shirt is Kaci. She is looking at Lisa K. in the orange jacket. And more names that I don't remember. :(

This is Frieda (in the pink on the right) with a lovely accent. She works at this yarn shop!! At the table sitting down is Tina on the right, Susan with her back to us, and Stephanie behind Susan. I can just barely make out the bohus sweater, I think, though I may be way off base. I don't know who the woman is facing us. Standing behind them is Kristin, a homeschool mom from Bend. I visit her blog often and was excited to meet her. Everyone was wonderfully nice.

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Chloe said...

What I saw of that camp was so much fun!

And yes, Chez Chloe was very yummy.