Saturday, March 03, 2007

So So Crazy

This week went by so fast and it's now March. Time flies the older you get. Robert and I are celebrating our anniversary this weekend. It is actually on Monday, but since ds has a full day at the college, we decided the weekend would work better for sleepovers away from home. In about an hour we will take the kids to a friend's house. THANK YOU SUSAN!!

I have some pictures to share, first off, I participated in a sock bag swap over at the Townsend Knitalong group. This is what came in today's mail for me.

Sammie made the bag, felted it, then dyed it with koolaid. You can't see very well in my pictures, but the red gradually becomes lighter as it comes up to the top, with the top being a natural color. It is really cool!! The pattern is from the January Magknits, it is called Waders. It has a lace pattern in it and will look really cool in the purple and pink Hydreangea color that she sent me.

This little beanie is called Baashful!! The charms will be added to my collection for stitch markers. I seem to be collecting them left and right!! I love them though. Pretty things keep me happy.

The little gold bag on the left has flavored apple carmel tea. You can really smell the carmel flavor. It looks like black tea so I will save it a pick me up later this afternoon, after the kids are gone. :) Sammie, I love this package, thank you so much!!

Spoilers below for Rockin' Sock Club, so don't look if you are part of the club and still want to be surprised!!

Ok, moving on. This week, I spent two days at BMFA, even though I could have gone several more times, they needed the help. But, on Tuesday when I went up, there was a tad bit of snow/slush on the main highway maybe 3/4 of the way there. Then once I got off the highway and onto the next road, it became more snow. As I was ready to turn onto their road, there was a car sitting at the bottom of the road and they flashed their lights at me. I pulled over at the last minute and saw that one of the gals was backing down the road, she had gone off the road into the ditch. Fortunately my van did better at going up the hill. They had 3-4 inches of snow!! So, I couldn't go Wednesday, but called on Thursday morning, thinking I could do a half day because Kim really wanted me home. BMFA had a FOOT of snow. Well that was the deciding factor that I was not going. Then an hour or so later? I got a call and their power was out as well. They were without power ALL day long, though they did get everything packaged up. In my mail that day, my package of sock club goodness came.

The colorway is called Monsoon. It's not a color I would pick. Too much green and brown, but I also said that about the first color of last years and it was similiar, just a bit lighter, and I love it!! Kaci's pattern here is very unique, it can be worn inside out or right side in. And the sole has ribbing. Never seen that before, but I am going to try it even though I am concerned about my sensitive feet not liking it.

Contest will be posted later tonight!! Rox you are funny, thinking chickens!!

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