Friday, February 09, 2007

Finished Items

Project Spectrum: My color is Gray, and a little bit of Blue.

This block is about 9 inches tall, it took one skein of Wool of the Andes to get there. I need another 3 inches, but blocking it won't pull it up that much. I will pull out to the sides though to make it 12 inches across. It is an easy 6 stitch cable, much like the hat below.

Here's John's finished hat. I took out one cable section. It could stand to be about 4-6 stitches bigger, but when he tried it on the other day, it seemed to fit just snuggly.

Tada!! We threw it in the washer last night for two heavy duty cycles. It came out perfect. I think the straps are a little long, but Kim says she's not done growing, so it will work for her.

With the MP3 player in it!!
Have a super busy weekend ahead of me!! Tonight Kim and I are going to a jewelry party for a friend. Mostly just to be present, but who knows, I might see something I like. Tomorrow morning, we have a 10:30 preview of "Bridge to Terabithia". Kim really wants to go to that, so the two of us will. I really hope we get in though. The tickets say that they purposefully over book these events, and you may not get in. Then we will stop for lunch somewhere and go to Mabel's Cafe for a small knit-together. I set up and sent out invitations to several groups, so I am hoping we won't be the only ones there. Sunday, I have a class on flower-arranging and need to get the other child to a birthday party. Fortunately Monday is an easy day, with one Drs. appointment in the afternoon. I really need to clean house today and I keep putting it off. If I could at least get the vacuuming done, it would help.

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You always do such great work!