Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Thank YOU!!

Thank you everyone for the comments and the thoughts and prayers. I really appreciate them. I briefly spoke with my personal doctor today and he was willing to give me a relaxant of some kind. I think I'll be fine. They (the radiologist and nurse) said the results would be to my doctor in two days, but he isn't expecting them that quickly. It would be great if they were!! Then I could relax a bit.

I had an enjoyable day today. Kim and I volunteered at the library for an hour. We did one cart that was full of non-fiction books. Those are the hardest for Kim to do. The numbers can be really confusing, compared to the fiction, where it's all alphabetical order. The cart of non-fiction had, two shelves. It took us 35 minutes. The second cart was also 2 shelves of books, but it was new fiction and much easier to put away.

Later I took John to his piano lesson then he accompanied me to my doctor for a quick blood test for a life insurance policy we are working on for myself. We tried yesterday after having spent the afternoon at the hospital and it didn't work, I was too dehydrated. It almost didn't work this time even though I had been drinking my normal amounts of water. Then the two of us went to a late lunch at P.F. Changs. The place was almost empty at 3:00. That was really nice!!

My dad sent me these pictures of his orchids. They are just lovely. I sent him his first orchid maybe 2 years ago for his birthday. He had mentioned the previous year that he was interested in growing them. He has really gotten into it and has probably half a dozen plants now.


Anonymous said...


I'm thinking of you in the days to come.


Roxie said...

Lovely orchids. what a wonderful hobby for your dad!

Stay busy, dear. We're all pulling for you!! Blessings.

Theresa said...

Those orchids would brighten any day!

Anonymous said...

My thoughts are prayers are with you. I'll never forget how you sat with me while Jean had her surgery.