Thursday, January 11, 2007

Pajama Day

I switched over to the new Blogger last night, now my lavendar field looks like it has a line through the middle of it, was it there before? As I am writing this it looks like there are some added features, but I haven't explored them yet........I know as soon as I try to do something on that end of things, I am going to delete my whole text. I have done that before.

I missed out on some International Pajama Day that happened last Sunday, so I am taking today as my International Pajama Day. It is so cold today, though the sun has popped out a couple of times to say hi. Dh had an early meeting at work today or he might have stayed home. We knew there was the possibility of snow, but it didn't give us much. The roads in some areas are icy from previous bits of snow/rain over the last couple of days, and then the temperature dropping down last night. The last time I checked a bit ago, it wasn't above 32 degrees F. It is supposed to go down to the teens tonight, between 16 and 20 F. I think we need to keep the stove going all night. Between the time we got up this morning and the time dh left for work, it did this, and it's still there.

I finished my Marble Arches a couple of nights ago. I like the pattern, but they are a little big at the top. I figure they can slouch a little bit. It amazes me that a lot of folks use all of their yarn and the little key chain emergeny skein as well. I always thought I had big feet, because my feet are bigger than my mom's feet. Actually I went into REI the other day and the guy there was measuring my feet, they should be 7 1/2, but I choose to wear a bigger shoe so my toes aren't squished together.

Last year all over the knitting blogland I saw posts about Project Spectrum. Lots of beautiful colors and projects to go along with it. As I was reading blogs last night, I saw somewhere about the PS2 project. Lolly is starting a second Project Spectrum for this year. It starts in February, and you can check it out here. I am curious to see how it will play out for me. Some of the colors I rarely use in my knitting, though use them in my quilt blocks for other people. I am considering doing more with the PS2 than just knitting. It can be any hobby really, and I am thinking of the digital camera that I hardly know how to use. (We've had it for at least 4 years) Now I just have to choose which button to use, I like both of them.

I started doing some needle felting yesterday. I am using sheets of felt instead of the roving, only because I didn't have the right colors of roving. When it's done I'll show you the whole picture.


Roxie said...

Wow, quilting, knitting, needlefeleting, you really ARE ambidextrous, aren't you? the marble arches socks look great!

Stay warm and avoid that freezy skid stuff.

Tammy said...

Hi Roxie, I just like trying new things. The bag that I am needlefelting on is really coming along. I like how it is turning out so far.

You stay warm too. We are home with the stove going and not going anywhere!