Sunday, December 31, 2006

Lots of Ideas

I always seem to have a running commentary going in my mind. Sometimes it just drives me nuts. I'll think about something, (usually while I am out doing errands) and think, Oh I can blog about that, or see something really interesting, or hear something on the radio. It goes on and on. Maybe I need to keep my mind occupied in other ways.

We took down our Christmas tree today. I had enough of the pine needles and watering it. It was starting to grow some interesting spider webs too, though we never saw big spiders, just little tiny ones. It's out of the house now, and the house has been vacuumed and swept from top to bottom, but less than 5 minutes later, I spy pine needles. I will be picking them up and vacuuming them for weeks.

I have some finished objects to share, and some that I have started, just tonight even.

First off, the cabled hat for Robert. I used the same yarn, just a different color, probably bark. It is a dark chocolate with flecks of cream in it. I finished it Friday night.

I knit a second scarf from Scarf Style. It is the same pattern as the previous silk scarf, just a slightly different color. I gave it to my aunt yesterday for Christmas. I think she liked it. I am pleased to give away my knitting and know that it is appreciated. I think I finished it on Tuesday and had time to block it nicely. It is the same HandMaiden SeaSilk, knit on size 6 needles, with the variation of stockinette stitch on the wrong side, instead of the pattern in the book. The pattern is Midwest Moonlight.

I almost forgot the started item. Marble Arches from the Rockin' Sock Club at BMFA. It was the October package. I have started one sock, and I don't like it, it is going to be too big. I did the medium size, so I am going to rip it out and do the small size. It is hard to get started. You cast on twice as many stitches, then K2tog, or P2tog to get back to a normal number of stitches. It's those K2tog and P2tog that kill my hands. Maybe I will start them on DP's instead of the circs and see if it is a little bit easier. This is only the second sock that I have started from the club. I am hoping to make some headway on them and maybe another pair before February when the new year shipment comes out. I realized that I had made 3 pairs of socks for myself this year though. I thought it was only one, so was pleasantly surprised.

We have had the most laid back week. Robert had to work Christmas Eve, briefly, then we have had a whole week and then a few extra days to just do nothing. Christmas Day was the usual, open presents, think about dinner. We had our next door neighbors over for a late dinner. I think we finally ate around 4:00 pm. The rest of the week was an absolute DO NOTHING week. Well, except Wednesday, I had to go to the chiropractor, because I hurt my back. It is almost back to normal now. And Friday had several appointments including a lunch date with friends. Other than that it was a lazy week.

After tomorrow, it will be back in the swing of things with piano lessons, and a new dance class. John still has one more week off before the college starts back. That was my favorite part of Christmas vacation while we were in college, the 3 weeks off.

I hope you all have a Happy and Safe New Year.


Mrs. Darling said...

Just dropping by to say hello and wish you a happy new year.

Kate said...

I wish you all a happy new year. That scarf is wonderful.