Thursday, December 07, 2006

I love this time of year

The colors, the music, the baking........

This wreath is so ugly, but it's a tradition around here. I made it the summer that I was 18. I had never done anything like this before. I don't know why we keep it, but dh won't let me get rid of it. Maybe it needs some more filler/greenery.

I don't like this arrangement as much as the other one I did. I think it's droopy and missing something. I'll work on another one here before Christmas.

I am tired of the music on the radio, so went online to find something different. It does have ads to get you to become a VIP member, but the songs are somewhat different. Live 365 Radio. You can search for other genre as well.

Harry Simeone Chorale Christmas is a Birthday
You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch by Thurl Ravenscroft sung the song.
Julie Andrews
Frank Sinatra
Tommy Dorsey
Bing Crosby
The Beach Boys
Brenda Lee

Kim and I are going to a cookie exchange on Sunday. We baked 5-6 dozen of these sugar cookies tonight. These are a favorite from dh's childhood. Tomorrow we are making snickerdoodles. YUM!!

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MissKris said...

Tammy, just coming by this Friday morning to thank you for your prayers yesterday. They helped tremendously and eased the heavy burden I've been under for a while. It's an ongoing issue concerning family secrets and things of that nature so that's why I can't really go in to it on my blog, but sometimes it eases, then rears its head up again and causes all kinds of chaos. Yesterday it was to the point I had to write SOMETHING or I was going to what could be better than a prayer request? Thank you, my friend, for being there. (((HUG)))