Friday, November 10, 2006

From Singapore to Oregon, USA

Yesterday on top of the mail was a notice that we had to go pick up a registered package at the post office. Now why didn't the mailman leave it here? John was outside raking when the mailman came by. I have no clue except that we had to sign for it? Anyways, Robert took the van to work and I had him stop by to pick up this mysterious package. He came home with a package from Singapore, from my tea swap pal.

Our daughter was so excited, she wanted to open it right away. I had her wait until we were done fixing dinner. We literally dumped it onto the table. Inside we found a note from Emy, beautiful pink cotton yarn, and a beautiful claret/almost burgundy colored yarn. There was Jasmine Tea from China, Lungching Green Tea from China, Milk Tea, Celebration Tea from India, and Meiji cocoa. Lemon biscuits/cookies, cheese crackers, and Two & One chocolate cookies, Green Apple Mentos, Milk Chocolate Krispy (it has rice cereal in it), Milo Nuggets, which look like chocolate candies or little snacks.

Emy, you need to know that this was very special to come this week. If you've been reading here at all, you'll know that my grandma passed away last week, and this week we had her memorial service. She spent many years in Singapore working at a hospital there, while Papa Joe, her second husband was serving as a surgeon all over that area. It had special meaning coming from Singapore!! Thank you so much!!

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Knitting Rose said...

I hate when the postmen do not stop and you are THERE! they force you to make a trip and get your package LATER! I am glad you did get though - what a great swap partner! You got some great stuff. Enjoy your bounty!