Saturday, October 28, 2006

Parties and Costumes and Illnesses

I am mostly finished with the costume.....Some trimmings to do with the scissors and some understitching to do to hide edges, but she wore it yesterday for several hours at our first party of the season. We hosted our little knitting group here yesterday afternoon. EVERYONE CAME!! You have to realize that these women are very good friends of mine, and all of our schedules are now so different that we haven't met as a knitting group in a very long time!! (We used to meet 2X month) Occassionally we will meet on a weekend morning for coffee, but not everyone can come. The kids looked great in all of their costuming, and stupid me didn't even think to get out the camera for pictures. HOWEVER, there are two parties today/tonight and I will take a picture of my daughter in her costume.

I counted up my hours of working at BMFA, and it came to almost 38 hours over the last month!! All I have to say...I am exhausted!! I fell into bed last night, read to dd for about half an hour and couldn't keep my eyes open. It was 8:30, I was on top of the bed with a cuddley blanket. At 11, when dh came back to bed, I was still there, not even in the PJ's. I tossed and turned a bit after that, but then slept straight through till 6:30 or 7:00 this morning. Still tired, but awake enough that I couldn't go back to sleep.

Incredibly blurry picture, but this is what I feel like. Hmmm, is he yawning and stretching, or his he mad?

On another note, my mom was in the ER this week. She must have had a bought with Pneumonia or something like that. They got her on antibiotics and she is feeling better. Funny thing is, she hadn't been sick before this. Then we found out that my grandma was actually admitted to the hospital this week. She lives across town from me. I try to see her about once a month. Sometimes it is less. Anyways, she has lost about 10 pounds over this last year, and her doctor wanted her weight back up. She's been trying, but as you get older, you lose your taste and smell and appetite. She apparently was very dehydrated and has a bowel obstruction. Poor thing. I think they are going to keep her until Monday, then return her to her home at assisted living. I've heard rumors that my aunt is looking for a rest home or convalescent hospital for her. I guess it would be a place where she has even more care than she is getting now, more monitoring of her food, bathroom habits, etc. Not my idea of fun!! I always told myself that I would never work in one of those places. I hated visiting them as a kid.

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Brandie said...

Good luck with the finishing touches on the costume - sometimes those finishing touches take teh most time!
I'm sorry to hear about your mom and grandma. I will be praying for both of them.