Monday, October 02, 2006

Comfort Zone

First a public service announcement: Adventurous Tom and Bel, where are you? Your blog is coming up with an error. Are you guys ok? I don't have an email for you either, so email me with the address in my profile. Thanks.

Ok, back to your normal viewing.

Doesn't this look comfortable? We spent most of the day away from home today, first with an informal fashion show, then on to quilting at auntie's house. DD was exhausted on arriving home, and asked her daddy to "please build a fire". The temp in the house was 64 F. Even with a long sleeve shirt and sweater, I was COLD. So, that wood stove behind her is fired up, we have 2 1/2 cords of wood, we are ready for (almost) anything. Yes, we did have 2 cords of wood delivered last week. It took all week and the weekend to move it and get it stacked. Amazingly enough, I hardly helped this year. The kids and dh did most of the work. They are all sore now.

Hmm, is there knitting going on around here? Yes, I was almost finished with the Cedar Creek socks, tried them on again, and ripped them back almost to the heel. They are in time out right now. I have done two and a half blocks for my 4 Seasons Throw KAL through the lys, and I started on a great gray green greasy limpopo blob. Oops, that should be a great (light neon) green blob. It is the 3rd and final Feather and Fan shawl that I am making for the (already finished) Amazing Lace. I did finish two of the shawls before the end of the game (photos in previous posts). This third one is probably the most amazing though. It will take after the Feather and Fan in "A Gathering of Lace", since it will be round. However, the center of that pattern is a beautiful flower, which dd does not like, so I am changing the pattern. It is a K and YO every 4 rows until I have enough to start the F&F pattern. I am doing a twelve stitch pattern, I think. I haven't thought it out too clearly, though I am taking notes, counting stitches and looking at charts. I did not take a photo of it though, maybe once you can see the F&F take shape.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Tammy for the Household Plant Link you left on my blog!

I've book marked it for future reference...

What a great KTS package you sent! I must look for that Chocolate Hazelnut Tea - yum!

Have a great rest of your week!