Thursday, September 07, 2006

Yarn Harlot Signing

Last night was so cool!! Meeting an author of knitting books. Humorous knitting books. I am not good with numbers, but there may have been 150+ knitters at Powell's Garden and Home Bookstore last night. I think we got there around 6:50 pm, the event started at 7:30, and we literally got the last two seats that were together. There were probably two or three other seats scattered around the room that weren't taken. I'm not a good photographer in crowds either. I did take a few pictures, but I'm shy with the camera so didn't stand up and take the whole group in. Stephanie Pearl-Mcphee has such a great sense of humor, with a dead-pan serious look on her face!! At least that's how it started. I did see Stephanie crack a smile a couple of times, though.

Stephanie photographing her traveling sock.

Stephanie you have to know, that even though your teenagers think you are uncool, my almost teenager thinks you are COOL!! I am serious. Last night she was recapping to her dad the evening. (As we are laying in bed and it is past midnight). I am quoting her!! "That was SO AWESOME. She is SO COOL!!"

I stuck a home-brew in Stephanie's bag telling her it was a Pumpkin Ale, when in fact it was an Amber Ale. Miscommunication on our part at home. I hope she liked it anyways!!

On the left, Stephanie, middle is my dd, on the right is dd's friend.

I did see some folks that I recognized, Chrissy, Yvonne (I met both of them at Black Sheep this year), Tina and Kaci, and Kelly of KnitPicks, though I didn't really meet her, I did meet her little white dog. It was just enough to ask if we could meet the dog.

So cool! Well worth the time to go down and see her, wait and drive in Portland evening traffic!! Oh, Stephanie, I drove back down that hill that you climbed to get to Powell's from the Yarn Garden, I had no clue it was so steep!! No wonder you had a heck of a time getting back to Powell's!!

Oh, oh, oh!! I forgot, the woman sitting right in front of me had on the most beautiful modular sweater on. It was purple and blue. I should have touched it!! Later as we were standing in line, she had this cool looking book in her hands, with the books by Stephanie. She was telling the folks she was standing with about it, so I had to write the name down. Sanna, Sorceress Apprentice, by Roxanna Matthews. It has yarn winding it's way all over it. Once she got up to Stephanie, we find out that SHE wrote the book. You will have to read her experience on her blog!! So, I looked the book up when I got home, then found her blog and left a comment. I got an email back this mornng from her. She is so cool. She's a Certified Master Knitter as well!! Wow, what an inspiration. Someone who knits, knits very well, writes cool looking fantasy books, and was very friendly!!


Lavendersheep said...

It was such a cool night. It was such a lot of fun I would do it again in an instant. I figured there were more people in the crowd that I knew or should know. I swear we need name tags with blog addresses too just so we can spot one another!

Cher said...

Oh, my! Tammy, that was you sitting right in front of my DH & me! Too funny.

Mrs BJ said...

Hey, I was glad to see you there! Sorry I had to leave so soon. We should get together sometime and knit some more. By the way, your daughter is very cute!