Saturday, September 16, 2006


I was going to let you know we were headed to the coast for the week and forgot. I was going to work on my sweater all week and instead spent countless hours working on my Cedar Creek socks, knitting, ripping, re-knitting, re-ripping, many, many times!! I am past the heel for the 3rd (?) time and am trying to make it fit my foot. The last time that I worked on it, I was just to the heel, but didn't want to work on it until I could concentrate on this new heel technique that I really want to perfect. They look good on one side, but are more open and airy on the other side. I just can't get the stitches tight enough or something, so I will go in after I am done and tighten those areas.

I did NOTHING on my sweater, absolutely nothing!! I am disappointed, but I think I see the light at the end of the tunnel (for these socks) or is it someone's flashlight?

I did spend the morning catching up on the 100's of emails that I came home to, even though I set everything to digest, I still downloaded close to 200 emails. Man alive that was a process!! I'll post later about our coast trip. I will say, "It was fun!!"

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