Monday, September 04, 2006

Another Daughter Photo Opportunity

Yesterday our dd was headed to a birthday coast trip/sleepover/brunch tea, with costumes for the tea. Here's some of the photos I took of her trying out the costume she would wear. I think it is a traditional dress of Singapore. Back in the 70's my maternal grandma did work overseas for our church. She worked mainly in the Adventist hopsitals overseeing the kitchens or doing office work. As she was cleaning out her closets before moving into assisted living, she pulled two dresses out and asked if I wanted them. The pack rat that I am, said yes!! I got them home, tryed them on and they really look awful on me. I put them back in the closet. This year I thought, oh, I could make some of those tiered skirts out of them. So, I pulled them out and asked dd for her opinion. NO WAY!! She tried them on and they look so good on her. So, without further Adieu.........

I sent some of these to a high school friend. She took one look at this one and emailed me back "Oh my goodness. In picture number 3 I saw you!!!!!!! She looks just like you!!!!!!" DON'T TELL DD THAT!!!