Friday, August 04, 2006

Relief from Anxiety OR Bad Blogger

I couldn't figure out what title to use tonight, so you can choose for yourself.

I was told that to be a good blogger, I needed to update more often and to take my camera with me everywhere. Huh, I should have known that!! I forgot my camera at least twice this week, even when I did think about it one of the times. The first time was when I met Mrs. Darling and Mel for dinner on Tuesday. You would have thought I would have it, but I forgot. Then today when I took dd to the airport for her first trip alone. I thought about it as I we were sitting at the gate waiting for her plane to come in. Duh!! What was I thinking?!? Well, I wasn't. I was so anxious for this trip to be done with, I've been in knots. It started yesterday some time. Got worse today, until at 1:45pm, I got the call from my mom, that dd had landed safely and they were on the way to pick up luggage. Instantly my stomach calmed down.

I did take one picture to show you tonight. I finished a CIC vest. Using some of BMFA's Blue Boo's, their unsellable yarn. I took three different colors, combined them and came up with this. I think it's kind of cool looking.

These are the three colors I used....on the left is a sage green with some pink mixed into it, the middle is yellow with some pink, and the right is blue. There's a little bit of rust color in one of them too, I think the greenish one.

I still haven't found the quilt block photos that I sent to Dorie. Oh well.

I scored on fabric today. After the airport, I stopped by Fabric Depot for their 40% off fabric sale. I found some for this months quilt block swap, and I bought all kinds of celestial fabric for dd. She wants to make another Sunbonnet Sue block for me, out of celestial fabric. Planets, moons, stars, etc. They have some beautiful quilt fabric there.


Betty said...

The colors are beautiful!! Yarn is so fun!! Congratulations for the CIC vest. Someeeeday I will knit for them but first I have to make some things for myself so I'm not resenting the time I spent knitting for others. (It has happened.)

Tammy said...

Hi Betty, yep you do have to get past the need to knit for yourself. I enjoy knitting so much, that I can't help it. And stuff like this is quick and easy. One of those almost instant gratifications to "I finished something". Take care.

MissKris said...

Hey, Tammy! I stumbled across a blog I thought you might enjoy, since this gal seems to be passionate about knitting and spinning. I'll leave the link here for you to copy and paste:

Hope this finds you doing ok. I'm sure sorry I couldn't make it to the evening out with you, Mrs. Darling, and Mel but when Mel emailed me and told me about it, too, I told her with baby sitting my grandson and our very-early schedules around our household it probably wouldn't work out for me...and it didn't! Sigh...Anyway, I saw the photo Mrs. Darling posted of y'all on her blog. Nice to put a face to all your names now! I used to visit "Dishpan Dribble" on a fairly regular basis and it's a great blog. I hope things are going better for her and Tink. Hope this finds you well!