Thursday, August 31, 2006

Photo Opportunity

I forgot in all the camping hoopla that there was a quilt given to dd. My dad made this quilt, and the photos do not do it justice.

Top of quilt.

Bottom of quilt

The quilt is made with blocks for the top, middle and bottom. You sew the three together, leaving approximately two inches around the edge. This edge you will cut into, making ties that you use to tie the quilt blocks together. The middle filler section is going to be that same amount smaller, so you aren't having to cut it out, you don't want that as part of your tie. You work from the inside out, until you have the size of quilt that you want. On the top section, all of the ties are seen, on the bottom, you don't see them, except for the edging. This quilt might fit a double size bed and it is pretty heavy, so it won't go on the bed for another month or two. It took him almost 8 months to make it.

No updates on my knitting, it's happening ever so slowly, same with my quilt blocks which are due to be sent tomorrow!!

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