Thursday, August 17, 2006

Loud Noises, Big Trucks, Buff Men

Today is a stay at home day for us. One of those days where we can stay in our PJ's, not worry about bad hair days, etc. Well, after dh left for work, I thought I should get up and just take a shower. I can wear sweats today, but I should at least take a shower. After I was dressed, I came out to get a cup of coffee and was on my way to have a devotional time, when I heard this huge sounding truck coming. I knew it was headed for our house. You see, this year we have had some roof leakage, and there are some really soft spots on our roof, so we had a roofer come out, take a look and we are having his company do our roof. He called me Tuesday afternoon this week to let us know that they might be able to start by the end of this week. I had been anticipating them coming today so had moved some of the stuff from the front of the house, like the gardening supplies we keep out there. Good thing I did. So, on to this truck. It is huge!!

It is loaded with supplies. There is a big crane that looks like it starts from the back of the cab and extends the length of the bed. On the end of it are prongs like on a forklift. Then coming out from the side of the truck are arms that set down on the ground to stablize the truck.

When they got the crane operating, and the first load onto it, they swung it up and over the little ornamental cherry tree, towards the house and up onto the roof, meanwhile the two buff young men scrambled up the ladder to receive the load onto the roof.

When the crane went into operation, the whole truck shook. Must be a reason for those stabilizing arms. ;) They started unloading it as soon as it stopped moving. Oh, and this crane is operated by a remote control panel that one of the guys has. You'd think I was a girl in a candy shop for the first time, the way I was in awe at what was happening. We've always lived in an apartment until this house, and we've never had the roof done, so this is a new learning opportunity for us. I was trying to be unobtrusive, not wanting to appear like a desperate housewife in Aloha, so I didn't get any good shots of these two guys. :)