Friday, August 25, 2006

I am Content!!

Aren't they just adorable? Obviously they aren't this size anymore. What with one being almost 17 and the other 12 1/2? Tonight, both of my children are under the same roof as me. I am content with that!! I don't have the worries that have plagued me off and on for the past week, or three weeks before that. I can rest easy tonight.

Ds had the "best week of my(his) life" at the "Survivor" high school age Audubon Camp. 15 kids that became friends easily and worked together. Now to find more camps or classes to suit this interest of his. Any ideas?

Dh's nephew is coming up on Monday afternoon to spend the week with us. He's almost 7 or 8 is it? It should be an interesting week. I already have several activities going, as well as one child going on a sleepover (just for one night).

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