Thursday, July 13, 2006

Summer of Lace

The most recent Amazing Lace Challenge: Is your camera feeling abandoned, neglected, and ignored after the poetry challenge? Do you find bad pictures of yourself showing up all over the internet and wonder how they got there? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, Challenge #4 has just the answer. Get ready to take some photos! My question: If I bound off my lace project right now, what could I use it for?

Hmm, that got me thinking about my Feather and Fan Stole that I have put down to work on other projects, like the F&F for my sister-in-law, socks, doggie sweaters, etc. I have picked it up briefly here and there, not really making any progress with it at all. I came up with two things it could be.

The first would be a dresser shawl, it's too big to be a dresser scarf.

The second thing it could be, a lap blanket for my grandmother, the same grandmother who taught me to knit as a child, and she even uses the feather and fan pattern to make baby blankets. I happen to like this option better than the dresser shawl.


Donna said...

At least Grandma looks impressed :)

mazhalai said...

i love the color of your lace.. matched your blog photo somewhat..right?