Saturday, July 15, 2006

Babies Grow Up

When I was a kid, my brother and I took plane rides to far away places, without our parents. Well, ok, it was twice, maybe three times, but they were far away!! We lived in California at the time, just north of San Francisco. Our grandparents would travel between California and Minnesota every year for the honeybee crops. Twice we flew back to Minneapolis to spend the summer with them, one of them being the year I was 12. I was going to help my cousin Chris with her toddler and new baby (her husband was in the family business as well as her parents) Chris was 24. That was a memorable summer taking care of my cousin Rachel and her brother, Jeremy, doing dishes, and just helping all around. One summer I remember flying to Portland to stay with my mom's sister. I think we were younger for that trip, maybe around 9 or 10. Anyways, this is all leading up to.......I purchased a one way ticket to grandma's house in California for my dd (12 years old). I did this last night, and now I am almost having regrets!! I guess I need to explain the one way ticket thing, don't I. We are meeting my parents near Mt Lassen National Park the second week of August for a camping trip. DD is going down the weekend before for parts of 6 DAYS!! We will meet up with them again mid-week. I don't think I've ever been away from my daughter that long before. Usually a night or two does the trick, but this is 5 nights. I hope I can wait out that long with out breaking down. Sure dd and I clash a lot, but we also have some very meaningful moments, especially lately.

On knitting news, I whipped this baby out. I love it!! Close your eyes Jean!! My model rolled the hem up because her hair was pulled up. You could wear it either way, turned up, or down. It's a pattern from Jen. She designed it!! It is easy to remember and turns out so well. I used STR lightweight, Star Sapphire is the colorway on size 3 needles.


jen said...

:) you could work it with one or two fewer cable-cross repeats (or work a proper brim "inside out" so it looks like the outside when it's folded) if you find that it's too long.

Tammy said...

Hey Jen-that's a good idea. I like the length, but we'll see if the recipient does as well.

Deb in Atlanta said...

Great hat, Tammy and Jen! I may have to knit one myself!!

As for DD traveling away, you KNOW you are giving her a wonderful gift by sending her to her grandmother's house. Your daughter will strengthen her bond to her grandmother as well as build wonderful memories. It will be good.

When I was 11, my parents sent me from Georgia to San Diego to visit my aunt for a week. I cherish the memories from that trip even today, and I can tell you about each of the daytrips we took during the week. However, I cannot remember details about trips I took with my family when I was a bit older! I suspect that I remember the San Diego travel experiences in greater detail because I was able to live in the moment without all of the complications of mother-daughter angst.

Deb in Atlanta