Sunday, June 25, 2006

Why is it.......

Sometimes when you are discouraged over events that happen in your life, something else happens that lifts you up? I've been discouraged, mainly because I have procrastinated on some knitting projects for CIC that I wanted to do in the name of relatives. I've done three little pairs of these socks, but have said I would do 24 pairs. Well, tonight I happened to turn the TV on and Dateline NBC was on. There was a family that had adopted two twin babies back in 1999, these twins were 7 in 2004 and their family took them back to Russia to meet older siblings, two more sets of twins, they had recently found that these children were in orphanages, when they hadn't been before. To make a long story short, they showed images of these children in the orphanages, and how they did end up adopting these children ages 10 and 12. It was such a sad story, with a happy ending, it has inspired me to keep knitting on these socks and vests so I can say, "I accomplished my goals this year!!"

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Mrs BJ said...

I totally understand. Hi Tammy, hope you're doing well. I've been so enthralled with Eina I haven't been posting recently. Sorry! I like all the pictures and stores on your site. Good job, it looks good!

Just wanted to say hi!