Sunday, June 04, 2006

Summer of Stash

I did join one more blog group, but the only thing I have to do is not buy any yarn this summer, until Labor Day. I have to go back and read the rules, but I think I can have at least one exception, maybe even two. I can buy books, patterns, and needles or anything else needed to keep knitting, just no yarn. I can do it, I have 2 more shawls to make, yarn for two sweaters, tons of yarn for socks and tanks. My exception will be for Black Sheep coming up in 3 weeks or if I need to get more yarn for Kim's shawl, it will be somewhat different than the rectangular ones I have done so far.

I received "A gathering of lace" in yesterday's mail. I am very happy with it, and will let any of you that are local, borrow it. Amazon was very quick this time. I ordered it the same day I ordered the sock yarn.

I did finish the dark purple feather and fan today. I was weaving in ends when I saw the most dreadful thing I have ever seen!!! The very first skein of yarn is a different purple, lighter and not as pretty. I bought them all at the same time, same dye lot, etc. I am seriously considering buying some dye to fix it. It's LionBrand Microspun, so is acrylic. Will it work? I'll take a picture as soon as I figure out what I am going to do and have blocked it. I am very proud of myself (not to the point of falling though, I hope) that I have completed a gift for someone and it isn't late or after the fact.

Tomorrow I am going on a field trip, by myself no less. I found 3 quilt stores just on my side of town, and I mean MY side of town. I don't have to go through Beaverton at all, in fact, I go the opposite direction, towards Hillsboro. I can't wait to check them out!! I sewed a quilted bag today, well, most of it. I found I didn't have the little magnetic closures it called for, even though it was on my list for the fabric store last week. It's not my fault they didn't have the right size. As soon as it is done, hopefully tomorrow afternoon, I'll post a picture of it as well.


Anonymous said...


I've driven past all three of these locations. I even noted they were quilt stores. I admit I have not been in any of them. I'm on a fabric stash reduction. Fairly easy to do when dd wants to do projects and I let her use the stash. Its almost all fat 1/4s at this point.


Tammy said...

Cool!! That's what Kim and I have been buying for the little projects we are doing.