Sunday, June 25, 2006

My Weekend of Fun!!

Friday morning had us on the road by 10:00 AM to Eugene and the Black Sheep Gathering. I did not take any pictures while I was there but took some of the stash once I got home. I did take the camera, but it sat in the van most of the time. DD did get some pictures of her cousin and aunt though. We stayed with our sister-in-law, Na. So, on Friday we did our shopping. DD bought three bunches of roving, and one skein of STR in the colorway Sherbet. She got home today, started up our borrowed spinning wheel and is spinning a Corriedale pencil-roving from these folks at Crown Mountain Farms. The colorway is Watermelon. She's doing a pretty good job of it.

I bought mostly alpaca lace weight for a couple of projects I came up with while I was there. Actually one of them I did have the idea earlier in the week, while I was working with some cotton colors at Blue Moon Fiber Arts. My blog pal, RandomKnits is doing a pair of fair isle gloves, so in working with these solid colors of cotton, I was able to visualize a bit with the colors. When I saw the alpaca from Pacific Meadows Alpaca(no website, but I do have their email address) in Junction City, I knew that would work for these gloves. It is almost sport weight.

Later Friday night I thought about this yarn and realized I could make some nice lace scarves for Christmas presents, so I went back and got these colors. Even later on Saturday night I thought of another project, but I didn't go back for more. I hope they will be at OFFF in September.

From Mckenzie Alpaca Breeders, I also got some other lace weight alpaca. Some for myself and some for a friend. I think a shawl is in order from this blue alpaca.

Let's see, I bought sock yarn, from Blue Moon Fiber Arts, in Star Sapphire, that's the bluish one, it should be more purpley, and Waterlilies.

And from Crown Mountain Farms, this is by Dicentra Designs, in Goldwine.

One of the very first buys of the day, though, were quilting yards. One booth, Bear Dog Yarns(no website)had quilting material as well as roving and yarn. She told me it was a last minute decision to bring it and I was the first one to buy any. I some how ended up with two of the rainbow looking one. Oh well, I am sure I will use it.

I think we were out of there by 2:30 on Friday afternoon. I went back on Saturday to meet up with some other bloggers. You will have to check out their sites for photos of the small group. One woman, Dene, came from near Houston, TX, with her dh for vacation. They were touring all over Oregon and parts of Washington. This was the last day of their vacation and they were headed back home to TX on Sunday. That was pretty cool!! I also met Chrissy, a local knitter, mom, and designer. Nicholette from Vancouver who is blogless, but she teaches classes at Yarn Garden, Jen who is on the Summer of Stash site with me and her cute little boy, who is 9 months old, and then there was Lavender Sheep She was off shopping while we sat and knit for an hour. The time flew so quickly!! After taking one last look through the main building, I drove back to Na's, rested and knit the rest of the afternoon and evening.

I finished my CIC socks, they are so cute!! I knit them on one circular US 3's out of LionWool, colorway is FlowerGarden. It looks like stained glass to me.

Left Na's this morning about 10:30, we got home and it was about 100 degrees out. We are in a heat wave right now. Upper 90's for at least the next day or so. Then it's supposed to cool down, but I haven't checked how much. It kind of sounds like not a lot!!


jen said...

I wish I could wear alpaca...I can knit with it, but about 10 minutes after putting it on, I get all itchy & feel like I'm going to claw my skin off...wish I'd known that before using 6.5 skeins of Inca Alpaca for a Clapotis.

anywho, thanks for Dene's name (gonna update that now, lol), but Andy's only 7 months old as of this coming Thursday. Yeah, I know, he's tall :D

And I'll TOTALLY keep y'all in the loop about the Harlot. Mayhaps I'll even get up to Portland for her reading there...might be able to convince Llamaface that a midweek PDX trip is necessary, using his family as a bribe :D

Donna said...

Sounds like a great weekend! And those stash acquisitions are delectable. Maybe it's a good thing I don't have a fibre festival close by. My credit cards would implode ;)