Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Mess of Unravelling

The Amazing Lace Challenge Part 2

UGH!! I never knew how hard it could be to unravel something knitted, from the beginning. It's not a simple frog, it's under here, over there, hmm, it's through here several times. Not a pretty sight!! (For those who aren't knitters, frogging is ripping out your knitted product, as in ribbit or rippit)

It took me 4 days of off/on working on it to finally get it undone, and BACK ON THE NEEDLES AGAIN!! I came up with this little song to go with it.

(To the tune of Back in the Saddle Again)
I'm back on the needles again
In where a stitch is a friend
Where the playful kittens romp
On the lacy purple pomp
Back on the needles again.

Well, I won't take up song writing anytime soon, I promise.

And the Final Take on the Purple Shawl:

This was a definite learning experience, I won't take it for granted that even though the ball says it's the same color and dye lot, I will compare them closer. Seriously, though I did learn that I could undo from the wrong end, and start knitting "backwards", and it looks close enough that most people wouldn't know it had been done.

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Rachel said...

Oh my gosh, you seriously finished your whole project and then frogged back the beginning? And then finished reknitting! I am both sympathetic and impressed!