Saturday, June 10, 2006

I've Been Busy Today

It's been a full day!! I finished my Purple Lace Shawl, which you will see in the previous post. And I had my WWKIP Day as well. Last week, dh got an email from one of his coworkers, advertising this. It's only the second annual festival. We thought "hey, why not go and check it out." I thought, "hey, there's my "Knit in Public" venue!!" I had my CIC socks that I knew would be an easy project for this event. One woman came up to me and asked, "Are you purposefully knitting in public? You do know this is Knit in Public Day, don't you?" I told her yes I was and yes I did know!! It was kind of cool. Then later another woman came up to see what I was knitting. She thought it was socks, but it could have been golf club toppers as well. She was one of the security gals there for the day. She thought I was doing a great job!! It's always fun to hear others react to knitting. I had a good time, too much beer though, since I hardly drink anyways. I didn't take my camera to record my KIP, but I did take a picture once I got home. I'll finish up the socks tonight.

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