Thursday, June 29, 2006

Flying Squirrels

On Monday or Tuesday morning, I was looking out my kitchen window. Now, my kitchen window faces the driveway and the street. Out by our mailbox, under our flowering ornamental cherry tree there are masses of wild strawberries that we purposefully planted there. We enjoy seeing the little white blooms in the spring and then the tiny, red berries. I've tried them, there's not much flavor, and it mushes when you pick it. So, I was looking out there and I saw this little furry tail sticking up in the air. I thought it might be a kitten, it was pretty small. Then I realized it was a squirrel in these strawberry plants. He sat up and was eating the strawberries. Oh he was so cute!! You can just see home sitting up here.

I tried to get closer and he went flying. Too cute!!

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