Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful

Amazing Lace Challenge # 2.......... Part 1

I think this shawl has turned out just beautiful. I love the way it washed up, it is nice and soft. And I finished it in record time for Na's birthday next weekend!!

What is this?????? I found this when I was weaving in the ends. The very first ball of yarn must have been a different color of purple. It is very noticeable and I will have to start at the beginning of the shawl to frog it!! It will be shorter than I had intended it to be, but what else can I do? You can kind of see the color change right in the middle of the photo. To be continued.............

Last but not least, I finished this last night. It is cute. Not hard to sew at all, and has some nice pockets inside and out. I have seen some other fabric to make some with horses, some with musical instruments and notes, other girly ones, and some that remind me of Pride and Prejudice. It's dimensions are approximately 12 inches across and 9 inches tall.

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Jean said...

What beautiful projects, Tammy. The shawl is just gorgeous. What a bummer about that first skein. And the bag is very fun. Where did you get your handles?