Monday, May 08, 2006

Monday Meme

One of my blog friends had this on her blog last Monday. I really liked it, so here's my version at the bottom. If you want to do this poem as well, copy and paste the top part into your own blog post. The original is from here. Have fun with it.

I am from _______ (specific ordinary item), from _______ (product name) and _______.

I am from the _______ (home description... adjective, adjective, sensory detail).

I am from the _______ (plant, flower, natural item), the _______ (plant, flower, natural detail).

I am from _______ (family tradition) and _______ (family trait), from _______ (name of family member) and _______ (another family name) and _______ (family name).

I am from the _______ (description of family tendency) and _______ (another one).

From _______ (something you were told as a child) and _______ (another).

I am from (representation of religion, or lack of it). Further description.

I'm from _______ (place of birth and family ancestry), _______ (two food items representing your family).

From the _______ (specific family story about a specific person and detail), the _______ (another detail, and the _______ (another detail about another family member).

I am from _______ (location of family pictures, mementos, archives and several more lines indicating their worth).

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Mrs BJ said...

Hi! I posted this on my blog as well. I like your variation. Is that picture your mom or grandma?

Your site is coming along well, Tammy!