Saturday, May 06, 2006

Knitting and Reading

Here's one finished object. I have made this baby blanket twice. It is from a book called, The Knitting Goddess. Brigit's Baby Blanket.

The colors don't come through very well, but they are Cherry pink, Grape purple and green. The yarn is TLC Wiggles. I delivered it to the recipient on Friday afternoon. Last Fall and Winter, I saw a physical therapist to help with a shoulder injury. She was pregnant at the time, and she has kept in touch with me. She sent me an email about 4 weeks ago to let me know her baby girl had been born, so I got to work on this blanket. It is an easy knit and fun to change to new colors. The first blanket I made during the Knitting Olympics, it took me one week to make. It was in the same yarn, with the green, blue and red. I sent it to my cousin Ra about a month ago, not knowing I would see her so soon.

While I am knitting, I am listening to this really interesting book on Economics. I am not into Economics just for the sake of it. REALLY. This book is called The Confessions of an Economic Hitman. It is about an economist named John Perkins, during the late 60's through the early 90's I think. He goes into foreign countries to scope out their economics and to forecast their future, convincing them to upgrade and borrow money from the US or rather The World Bank, but hiring US companies like Haliburton to do the contracting that these countries need. It is written in an easy manner to read or listen to, and the narrator has a good reading voice. It really shows how we have gotten where we are with the economics of our country right now. There are many reviews of it on Amazon, some negative, some positive, depending on your views. I am enjoying it regardless of what others may have thought of it.

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Jean said...

These are such fun looking blankets. What a wonderfully bright and cozy thing to share with a new mom. Plus your blog is looking VERY nice now, with all the added details. Love the picture of lavender at the top.