Monday, May 08, 2006

I Am From

I am from pencils
from Caress soap and soft yarn.
I am from the small home filled with love.
I am from the bamboo, lilac, and wool,
the snowball bush, roses, but thorny.
I am from Christmas Eve sleeping in the living room,
and freckles
from Leona, and John Wells,
and Fouts.
I am from the pack rats and the move alots.
From "your face will stay that way if you don't smile" and "stand tall".
I am from belief in the Ressurection and
eternal life is for the asking no matter what.
I'm from California and everywhere,
macaroni and cheese, and honeybees.
From the woman who wouldn’t marry a beekeeper,
and later her husband became one,
the children to follow
and always the eldest ones following the path of the beekeeper.
I am from the photo albums, the xerox copies of older photos,
now saved onto my computer,
the photos that bring tears to my eyes because I never met my grandfather,
or I miss my other grandparents who died before their time.
The photos that bring back wonderful memories of
lilacs and snowball bushes and special babies.

1 comment:

MissKris said...

Tammy, this is beautiful. The thing I love about this writing exercise is the visuals it gives us, the readers, of little snippets out of your life. I'm glad you took the time to do it. If you're a scrapbooker, I hope you make a paper copy of it for the generations-to-come.