Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Drs., brownies, reading and lace...oh my

I can't believe how much or should I say how little leaves me feeling exhausted. I just marvel at how moms or dads who work outside of the home do it!!

I ran errands this morning so dd could have some alone time at home, came home for a short bit, took both kids to piano lessons, came home, had some lunch, then headed for a check up/physical for dd. She's healthy! Though "we" are concerned more for her reading or lack of. Our pediatrician is a homeschooling mom, though probably more of the school at home kind of homeschooler that pushes her child. So, when she asks about school, Kim tells her we are still struggling with the reading. Well, now we should have a tutor, some one who will work with Kim to get her caught up so we can move on to other studies. URGH!! I've been frustrated with the reading thing before, but have been able to let it go, until now. Because she is a doctor she has a responsibility or obligation to her patient, and what education or not, her patient is getting. I realized that after we left the office and thought, "oh great, here's the one person who could penalize us for homeschooling". Oh, and to top it off dd had to have a shot, Tetanus booster. Not a happy camper, though she doesn't almost pass out like other family members!! So, after the doctor's office, we stopped at the yarn store, she bought yarn to appease the sorrow. And we came home to make brownies. Yum! What a day, and it exhausted me!!

A couple of weeks ago, I joined The Amazing Lace. I figured I'm doing lace with my 3 wraps/shawls I am planning to make this summer (actually already half way on two of them). I need to come up with a great intro to post to my blog. Any suggestions? I've never seen the show they are parodying, "The Great Race", but that's ok, they aren't judging by that. If you are interested, the sign up goes until midnight of May 29.

The second thing I have joined is The Summer Reading Challenge 2006. I would like to expand my mind with what I am reading, so will need to come up with my own challenge there as well. I think I need a thinking cap.

Blogger isn't liking my photos tonight, so I will post some tomorrow.


Suz said...

Hang in there, girl!! Homeschooling IS the best choice.
I left you a comment to your homeschooling question on my blog....

Just so you know, NONE of my kids learned to read at school. The oldest and youngest were the self-taught types, but middle learned through a special Montessori program b/c she was having some difficulties learning.
We had to take the bull by the horns on that one...

Take care and happy knitting!

Jean said...

Tammy I'm sorry this reading problem still persists. If I recall you did use a tutor for a whole year or more. Do you think finding the "right" material might make a difference? Something that she really wants to know but has to read herself? After watching a tv show my daughter wanted to know about the DMV driving manual. A copy now resides near her seat in the car. It takes "backseat driver" to a whole new level!