Sunday, May 14, 2006


I've been having a nice lazy morning, reading other people's blogs. This one is a new one that I discovered, she is hilarious. From her comment section I went to this one, (it caught my eye, since dh likes to homebrew) and found the "You Know You're From...." I am content to sit and read blogs for a while.

I tried uploading this photo last night, but Blogger didn't like it for some reason. YEAH it did it. My friend Jean helped me figure out the math to make this the width I wanted. Thank you Jean. I am having fun with it, dd wants one, and I want to make one for my sister-in-law's birthday in June.

Everyone seems to think I am doing hard patterns, exotic stuff. What's with that? The everyone is my grandma, who taught me to knit, then she tells my mom, who knits as well. Good grief, it's easier than cooking dinner!!

OK, VERY IMPORTANT!! I got a comment last night about our coast photos. Thank you Corinne. She would like to know where to go on the Oregon Coast with her teenagers. I plan to do a post about that this week sometime, maybe even later today if I get to it. But I want to hear from the rest of you that lurk (you know who you are) where you like to go on the Oregon Coast. You can either email me at the email address in my profile, or post it in the comments. If it's different than what I come up with, I'll add it to the post.

Oh, and Corinne, the suspense is killing me, how did you come across my blog?

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MissKris said...

It isn't very often I have the time to go "blog hopping" but it's always a treat to do so, that's for sure. There are so many talented people out there...and so many who view life a lot differently than I do, ha! I hope you had a lovely Mother's Day...are you surviving today's heat?!? I've got all the windows open and there's a lovely breeze blowing thru the house now. One day it's 90, the next day it's 60 around here, tho...ain't that the truth! Enjoy your week, Tammy!